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SF Whale Watching - San Francisco Sailboats

San Francisco Bay Whale Watching and Eco Tours

The Farallon Islands are located 27 miles off the coast of California west of San Francisco, in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. The islands support a spectacular assemblage of wildlife including nearly ¼ million seabirds such as the common murre, Cassin's auklet, and tufted puffin. During late spring and summer, Seabirds use the islands for breeding, nesting, and raising their chicks. The Farallones also are important habitat for thousands of seals and sea lions that use the islands for breeding and resting. The waters surrounding the islands are some of the richest waters on the planet and provide important ocean habitat for many species of porpoises and dolphins such as harbor porpoise, Pacific white-sided dolphin, and Dall's porpoise. The islands also provide migratory destinations and/or migration pathways for many species including the great white shark and whales, such as the orca or killer whale, the gray whale, and the endangered humpback and blue whale.

Whale Watching

Join us onboard with experienced naturalists for an exiting day long trip to the Gulf of the Farallon Islands. SF Bay Adventures offers daily individually ticketed tours departing from San Francisco’s Historic Pier 39. Whale watching tours are day long adventures available on Saturdays and Sundays for $110 per person. Please call for a reservation. These tours are available for private charters.

Eco Tours

Join us for and exciting and educational journey exploring the waters beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. Eco Tours travel outside the Golden Gate Bridge for an education tour of wildlife and views. This is a great starter trip outside the Gate for those who want to get out on the water midweek. These tours are approximately 5 hours and depart Monday thru Friday for $99 per person. Please call for a reservation. These tours are available for private charter.

Educational Charters

SF Bay Adventures is your school’s headquarters for educational charters. We include an experienced Naturalist onboard every cruise. We customize every charter to meet the educational component for the students. We work with the Naturalists, Captain and Instructor to formulate a float plan pertaining to the material that is being studied. Call us today to get your students out for an experience of a lifetime.

Shark Tours and Diving

SF Bay Adventures offers thrilling shark tours for those who dare to seek an up close and personal visit with the local sharks. Individual tickets and private charters are available. Please call us for more details.

What to bring onboard:
  • Warm Clothing (layer all year round)
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Deck shoes or non skid shoes -preferably waterproof (no hard soled shoes or heels)
  • Hat and Gloves
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen
  • Camera and binoculars
  • Small blanket
  • Beverages- plenty of water (ginger ale and sports drinks are recommended) Hard alcohol is not permitted
  • Food- Lunch and Snacks (enough for the day) There is no food or beverage available on board the vessel.

If you are prone to Sea sickness and are planning on taking a medication, it is recommended that you follow the directions. Most medications will not be effective once symptoms are apparent and require that you take them at least 1 hour prior to boarding. In addition: ginger candies and cookies are a good solution for those who are sensitive to the water.

Sailing in SF on Freda B

Sailing in SF on Freda B

Sailing in SF on Freda B

Sailing in SF on Freda B

Sailing in SF on Freda B

Sailing in SF on Freda B

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